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About Us

It started with another trip to the vet for itchy paws.   “No treats with bone meal, no wheat, no poultry, no dyes, no preservatives, no, no, no ”…ugh.  I simply could not hear that one more time! I looked at my two 95lb Labradors and did a quick mental calculation of the cost of buying the “natural and healthy” treats currently on the market-Yikes! Who were they kidding! Way too much for this girl. Then my inner superhero called out, “I will make them myself, after all, how hard could it be?" Well, if you have ever taken on the task of researching recipes, buying ingredients, measuring, mixing, finding pantry storage space, and making a big mess in the kitchen every week, you know how long my superhero cape lasted!

Pavlodoh founder, Michelle Stress, being licked by her yellow lab and black lab
A picture of the founder, Michelle Stress, with her yellow lab and black lab

Nothing says ‘chore’ like a repeat button. Presenting my home baked treats to wagging tails was nothing short of joy. But this process needed to be easier, much easier…cost effective, simple, quick, clean and with all the ingredients I could proudly defend to my vet. That is how Pavlodoh began. My mission was pure on purpose; a desire to make a dog treat that was clean and healthy in its ingredients, fun and easy to make, tailored to fit all sizes and ages of dogs, and did not break the bank

Pavlodoh is a product you can feel good about taking, baking, and sharing. I hope you find joy in baking Pavlodoh with your best friends-for your best friends. 

Wishing you Joy, 


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