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Crop Circles: How Regular Treats Affected Our Dogs

This is it, my brave new world! Jump in, buckle up and let's journey together! I will share how things got started, how things are going, ways in which we (and you) can, and do interact with the community, and how we try our very best to make this world a better place, all by staying true to being a business with heart. I am a transparent person, therefore I required Pavlodoh to be transparent as well. No junk, just joy. This is my motto for dough, my motto for life, and my motto for this blog. I promise short reads and hopefully a smile, or two.

In the beginning....

I have two very big Labrador Retrievers and I adore them. I love to train them to do all sorts of things. Adoration and training require one very important thing-a reward! I gave all the usual suspects, you know, the bacon this, and the cheese doodle that. We loved the fancy colors and shapes, things that looked like human food, but really weren't, and all the promises of sparkling teeth and fresh breath...sign us up! What they failed to promise was constant licking, scratching, chewing, red and stinky ears, drippy eyes, and what we came to call 'crop circle'. Yep, you guessed it... itchy butt, smack down on the carpet, over and over in a well-defined spin....lovely...and super gross! (I am also a prankster and will share how I used this to my advantage in a later post)

Fast forward

Trips to the Vet. Medicine. Drops. Ointments. Huge funnel collars that scratched the walls, scratched my legs, and banged into everything. Eimination after Elimination. Food after food. Every vet appointment we heard the same advice-do not feed x, y, z, 1, 2, 3...and so on...all the while my poor Piper was walking around with naked feet and what I lovingly called her "gorilla knuckles". The joy was being sucked out of our daily routine. All the fun treats were being taken away one by one, being hijacked by a mystery pill not-so-cleverly hidden inside, and not to mention that face when your special pal looks into the same bowl of dry, brown kibble day after day- torturous. Life should be more fun!

Dog Scratching

A Woman with a Plan

And so, I started on my mission to create a dog biscuit that was nothing short of amazing. I was going to bring back the joy! I was laser focused on making something I could afford to feed to two large dogs, low allergen, filled with goodness, easy to make, and even easier to defend to my vet. Although "all natural" has become quite the cliche, I must double-down and say that it is the "most natural" dog biscuit on the market. We are wholesome, back to basic goodness. We care, not just about the purity of our dough, but the purity of our purpose. I hope you will join me as I take you along on my journey of starting and growing a business with heart.

Starting your own business with heart? I'd love to hear about it. Comment below and subscribe. Let's make this journey joyful.



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